About Us

Experience is Key

As former city police officers working the vital “frontlines”, we understand the importance of physical fitness on the job and as a healthy lifestyle.

“Frontline Fitness” was our originally created training facility with a focus to share our experiences and knowledge of the physical training we have endured over the years, and to motivate others to reach their full potential by breaking their own physical and mental barriers.

Prior to opening, we had spoken often about opening a fitness facility for years to reflect our “frontline” training.  We struggled to find not only an environment (gym) but equipment diversity, space to setup stations and allowed-intensity to stay “fit” for the job outside work hours.  During this time we also observed there was a gap in the fitness industry providing accurate “frontline” training and no non-sense programming.

We knew with our experience and passion we could create an environment not only offering these fundamentals but prove it too could break down barriers in people, especially when all interference and distractions were removed.

In 2010 we had officially incorporated Frontline Fitness operating (personal training) out of approved City facilities.  Opening our first location in Spruce Grove in 2013, it grew quickly and we then expanded into a larger facility in 2015.

In 2017 we incorporated WICKED WOLF ATHLETICS officially opening its doors January 2018 in Stony Plain!  WICKED WOLF ATHLETICS was opened to offer personal training, group classes, bootcamps and workshops; specializing in powerendurance based training.


Receiving his first weight set at age 5 and growing up active in competitive sports, Dave has had a passion for fitness his entire life incorporating it into his daily routine over the past 25 years.

As a certified personal trainer prior to his 10 year policing career being a first graduate at NAIT-Personal Training Program (1998-2000), he began training first responders in conventional gym facilities, developed more function programs as he understood the job’s physical demands,

and further spent his last bit of his policing career training the recruits.

Dave took leave as a police officer to follow his dream as a fitness facility owner with experience working as a recruit training officer, directly involved with the recruits’ fitness training.

He is known for his ability to motivate and inspire clients to break their physical and mental barriers.

Dave is currently updating his courses in functional pattern movement with a focus on structural integrity and a near future focus to provide programming surrounding mental health / personal growth.


Jenine grew up raising and training giant Alaskan Malamutes and dog sledding; dog sledding in the mountains is her passion and feels not only is it one of the best physically challenging sports but that everyone should experience it!

Jenine was heavily active in her martial arts throughout her high school years and continuing thereafter, achieving her First Dan and second level instructor certification in WTF Tae Kwon Do.  Still active in the sport today.

Jenine took leave from her career as a police officer (to follow her dream as a facility owner), received her personal trainer certification through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association and is continually updating her studies in related fitness fields.  She has also attended her CFL1 Trainer course, and continues to push forward in her certifications and competitive training.

She is known for her programming utilizing her love for dynamic and powerful training and has successfully trained multiple highly competitive athletes in a broad range of sports.

Currently Jenine is enrolled in a 2year diploma program CSNN – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to provide holistic nutrition as part of Wicked Wolf’s performance training programs.