No distractions or intimidating factors.... just SERIOUS results!

Utilizing portable equipment and our range of experience, we will introduce you to new modes of training in a progressional manner thus pushing you to try a system you may have shielded away from or been intimidated to try in a large conventional gym.

The biggest question we get is “will it be too hard for me”…. We certainly find most if not everyone coming to our facility for their first time, no matter how “fit” they may be, still find our mode of training to be challenging.  Main reasoning is that its a new movement to you therefore brings awareness to your body.  Intensity is based on a person’s individual effort they put into the program, not the program itself.  Our goal ultimately is to see everyone finish the race at the same time – but to their scaled ability.

Group classes range from 3 people to 12 people max.  See Facebook for our monthly calendar outlining our program (strength and endurance days).

Our classes will be in levels:  Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3… *All beginner and persons requiring scaled training must attend Level 1 classes prior to Level 2 and so forth.  Discuss which Level is best for you upon consulting with us when registering.


All ages, fitness abilities and goals welcome.  As for group classes, the minimum age requirement is 16 years old for our group training.  Our focus is all about creating a friendly, hard working atmosphere while building COMMUNITY!

Here we aim to break down training with our daily program system that will be in place.  You will learn injury prevention, techniques and progressive movement.  You will find yourself surrounded by portable equipment incorporated into our programs of high intensity and dynamic movement intervals.

We recommend 3 sessions per week, week to week, to progress and sustain results from our training.

We are also the only Alberta private facility to offer the Powertrain Machine (law enforcement officers are tested on this “push-pull” apparatus).